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Environment and Eco-marking

Our dedication goes much further than the creation of products which enhance the environment aesthetically. Forticrete is acutely aware of its responsibility not to harm the environment during the production of these products. Environmental management is, therefore, an integral part of the management of Forticrete's business.

  • It will seek to prevent pollution of the environment and optimise use of energy and resources.
  • As a minimum comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation and Regulations.
  • To be good neighbours in the community in which we operate, investigate any matters brought to our attention.
  • We recognise the benefits of continual improvement and are committed to our Environmental Management System that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001.
  • To reduce to the best practical minimum, the environmental impact of emissions to land, water, air and noise from our activities.
  • Increase the environmental awareness of all employees,contractors and suppliers.

Responsible Sourcing via BES 6001

Pioneering the way for sustainability, Forticrete has gained the rating of 'very good' for BES6001 across it's architectural masonry, roofing and walling factories and a 'good' rating for its Cast Stone facilities.

The BES 6001 standard for responsible sourcing demonstrates that a building material is sustainable and has been produced in a way that has minimised its environmental impact. Please refer to the Environmental Update in the Documents section below for further information.

See the latest rank from BRE (Building Research Establishment) in the Responsible Sourcing League Table. Forticrete are listed in 4 sections - Concrete Products, Roofing Products, Stone, and Walling Products.


The benefits of using concrete products within the home are recognised by BREEAM assessment, the Code for Sustainable Homes and the Green Guide to Specification where constructions that use both concrete masonry and roof tiles are awarded an A or A+ rating.

To enable customers to recognise the high environmental credentials all of Forticrete's products, they carry an ECO mark - this is as a consequence of all manufacturing facilities operating to ISO9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and BES 6001 for Responsible Sourcing.

Where products have additional environmental benefits, which are not recognised by the Green Guide to Specification, or they have a recycled content of over 30%, then we distinguish them with an ECO PLUS mark to allow their unique qualities to be recognised.


Document Downloads

Environmentally Sound Masonry

ISO 14001 Certificate

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Responsible Sourcing Policy Update April 2018

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Forticrete Environmental Update 2017