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Architectural Masonry

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Decorative Concrete Facing Blocks, Cladding and Specials

A range of decorative concrete facing blocks which are maintenance free and available in a huge variety of colour and textures.

Our concrete Rainscreen Cladding system offers a unique range of colours and finishes.

Standard and bespoke precast special shapes create the finishing touch to either blend into a structure or create impressive highlights.

The original and market leader - fairface concrete block.

A range of shot-blasted masonry adding a natural weathered appeal.

A range of splitface blocks giving the rugged appearance of natural hewn stone.

The finest masonry products with a subtly burnished finish bringing out the beauty of the natural aggregates.

A range of polished blocks with reflective finishes to suit every budget.

Combining the sparkle of a granite finish with a high recycled content.

A range of standard and bespoke precast concrete specials to blend with any of our products.

Elementix® Express offers a range of stone colours and finishes and is quick and easy to install.

A range of multi purpose common blocks.

A large range of Ashlar blocks and quoins made to replicate traditional designs.

Linear Bricks are the latest innovation in structural construction elements.