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Concrete Rainscreen Cladding System

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Rainscreen Cladding System from Forticrete - Elementix® Express

Rainscreen systems have been used for centuries in Europe and were first introduced in to the UK in the 1950's.  They became popular in the UK in the 1980s for the re-cladding of tower blocks but this problem-free system is now more widely used in new build. Therefore, they can be successfully used in both new and old projects.

In old buildings new life is given by changing the appearance and increasing thermal efficiency. In the new build, the system's proven principles allow a low risk, effective solution.

Rainscreen cladding is not a traditional cavity construction like brick and block. The principle of rainscreen cladding is that the majority of the rain is stopped at the outer face and the small amount of rain that penetrates is taken away by the updraft in the cavity or drains out at the bottom of the cladding.