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Hardrow® Harmonies® Roof Slates

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Harmonies brings together a selection of Solo slates used in combination to create distinctive blends.  

Typically using three, four or more colours, Harmonies allows you to design a unique roofscape.

Hardrow® Harmonies® slate roof tiles are a selected blend of mixed stone colours, each one unique to Hardrow® Slates. This enables you to simplify the specification process. Our through coloured concrete roof slates are available in a wide range of colours. Distinctive roofs can be achieved by blending 3, 4 or 5 different colours together. You can make as vivid or as subtle a combination on the roof as you require. Forticrete has formulated a number of standard mixes as well as a number of special colour combinations to suit regional areas such as the Collyweston mix used in the counties of Northamptonshire, and Bedfordshire.

The slates are manufactured with a slight camber and slightly vary in dimensional tolerance adding to the product's charm when laid. Suitable for commercial developments, new build and renovation projects. They are also suitable for extension projects, where a low pitched slate may be required.


  • Cost effective alternative to natural slates
  • Provides a quality finish at a modest cost
  • 10 pre-mixed natural stone colours mean there is no need to mix on site
  • Very resistant to wind uplift in exposed areas

Different roof shapes - A purpose made slate for every detail

  • Curved roofs
  • Change in roof pitch
  • Hips and valleys for unusual roof shapes
  • Standard valleys and hip details
  • Ridge tiles - Monopitch, Pyramid, & Standard
  • Internal and external angles