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Hardrow® Solos™ Roof Slates

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Hardrow is a double lapped, through coloured concrete slate designed to replicate a slate roof.

Hardrow Solos are manufactured to be slightly irregular in size, thickness and shape.  This is intentional and is designed to enhance the laid character of the roof. 


  • A cost effective alternative to natural stone slates
  • Choice of 10 individual colours to suit regional needs
  • Double lap offers flexibility of roof design
  • Wide range of sizes creating extensive pitch capabilities (17.5° - 90°)
  • Suitable for use in exposed areas
  • Diminishing courses and random widths available to enable traditional laid effects
  • Manufactured to BS EN 490:2002, therefore guaranteed for 30 years 
  • Proven in work since 1928

Purpose made slate fittings are available to suit all design details.