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Low Pitch Roof Window System

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Forticrete's revolutionary Low Pitch Roof Window System guarantees the installation of a roof window as low as 10°, lower than the minimum pitch of many traditional roof window systems.

This promises larger, brighter and more welcoming extensions.

So what is different?

This system has been specifically developed to enable roof windows to be installed at pitches as low as 10° - maximising the distance that you can extend your property with the benefit of natural daylight.

Most flashing kits designed for roof windows work by attempting to keep water above the roof tiles. The problem is that at lower pitches water doesn't run away as quickly, making keeping water above the tillers almost impossible.  Water will pool, find a gap between the roof tiles and breach. This often leads to a leak around the roof window.

Instead of fighting against the laws of physics we have embraced them. The Forticrete Low Pitch Roof Window system allows water to run where it wants to naturally.  The system then manages the flow of water along the patented 2 piece tray system and into the drainage system in a controlled manner.

The system includes:

 • A 10 year system guarantee

• Innovative, patented 2 piece tray system

• Fakro FTP-V U3 Centre Pivot Window

• Fixing pack

• Eaves support tray

• Centurion tiles*


Installation of the new Roof Window System is simple, quick and with roof felt fitted from the outset, ensures the roof is weather proof even before the window, tray system and tiles are fitted. Conventional roof windows let water run over the face of the roof tiles, which can lead to water ingress.

Forticrete has developed a system which eliminates this problem. The Roof Window System has a two-piece drainage flow system that allows water to run underneath the tiles and disperse across the trays, over the fascia and into the gutter, in a much more controlled manner.

To learn more about how the system - clink on this link to watch a short demonstration video.

Window system

*number of tiles required is governed by the size of the roof

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