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How do I clean down masonry?

How do I clean down masonry?

For the removal of general dirt and grime a mild detergent such as 'Sugar Soap' may be used in conjunction with a stiff bristle brush. For more persistant staining there are certain products on the market which can be used e.g. CM1 Mortar Cleaner from Hydron Protective Coatings.

Under no circumstances should acid or non-approved cleaners containing acid be applied to Forticrete Architectural Masonry, Cast Stone, Precast or Astra-Glaze products.

For polished masonry the use of a wooden or plastic scraper is recommended for the removal of mortar or material stuck to the face of the product ensuring that the surface is not scratched.

A proprietary marble cleaner can be used to restire the product's sheen followed by a lambs wool buffer with bee's wax polish.

Any mortar that encroaches ontot the surface of the masonry during construction should be cleaned off as soon as possible.