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Forticrete Gemini Minislate Colour Range Update

Fri, Mar 3, 2017 00:00

Forticrete Gemini Minislate Colour Range Update

Since the introduction and growth in popularity of our blended colours, like Gemini Mixed Russet. We have reviewed our entire range inorder to focus on growing these blended products. We will be withdrawing the following colours from our roofing range:-

  • Gemini Autumn
  • Gemini Black
  • Minislate Black

Forticrete would like to suggest alternative colours which can be used in place of the colours being withdrawn:-

  • Gemini Autumn - alternative colour - Sunrise Blend
  • Gemini Black - alternative colour -Slate Grey
  • Minislate Black - alternative colour -Slate Grey

Gemini -Minislate Colour Change

With this review, the range for Gemini and Minislate will therefore be:-

  • Gemini Smooth Finish
    • Sunrise Blend
    • Mixed Russet
    • Red
    • Brown
    • Slate Grey
  • Gemini Traditional Sandfaced
    • Ember Blend
    • Mercia Blend
  • Minislate
    • Slate Grey
    • Welsh Blue