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Cast Stone -Technical Section

Technical Product Information Sheets

Forticrete is constrantly striving to provide the customer with as much information as possible on their range of products and below you will find a set of Cast Stone Data Sheets which can provide advice on certain situations relating to the use of Cast Stone.

All Forticrete products are CE marked where appropriate. Click here for more information.

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Cast Stone Dressings Brochure March 2015
Forticrete’s Cast Stone Dressings are a perfect example of advanced technology and time honoured craftsmanship working together in perfect harmony. The result is a wide range of cast stone products using a semi-dry or wet cast format, of unrivaled quality with no compromise to aesthetic appeal.
IG1 Cast Stone Slip Cill
Cast stone slip cills are designed to fit between window reveals.
IG2 Cast Stone Stooled Cill
Designed so each end appears to support masonry at each side of a window opening.
IG3 Cast Stone Retro-Fit Stooled Cill
Designed so each end appears to support masonry at each side of a window opening.
IG4 Cast Stone Decorative Head with Steel Supporting Lintel
Decorative heads are not load bearing therefore suitable support will be required.
IG5 Cast Stone Decorative Head with Steel Relieving Lintel
A 10mm soft joint will be required between the lintel and decorative head.
IG6 Cast Stone Decorative Spheres & Pier Caps
Pier caps and spheres are supplied as separate units along with a stainless steel locator dowel.
IG7 Cast Stone Bat & Swift Box
The Forticrete enclosed Bat Box has been developed to be used in new build construction or renovation work.
IG8 Cast Stone Caplock Copings Installation Guide
The Caplock system locks together to form a virtually immovable monolithic mass.
TI1 Lime Bloom
Lime bloom happens when free 'lime' in the form of calcium hydroxide migrates to the surface as the material dries out.
TI3 Mortar Specification
Selection of the correct grade of mortar is an important factor in the performance of a wall.
TI4 Cleaning New Masonry
Products are vulnerable to staining if they are not adequately protected from the elements before and during construction.
TI5 Associated Materials Suggestions
Although this sheet is intended to offer suggested solutions it is the responsibility of the specifier to ensure the chosen products are suitable for the application.
TI7 Cast Stone Correct use of Lifting Loops
For health and safety reasons each loop has a label attached to it stating its safe working load and a batch code linked to a test certificate number.