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Air Leakage

Requirement for Air Leakage test under Part L of Building Regulations

Air Leakage testing is now required for domestic properties under Part L of the Building Regulations. A figure of 10m³/hr/m² is given as an upper limit on acceptable air permeability for tested properties.

It is important to remember that correct construction detailing is the key to achieveing acceptable test results and care must always be taken over the key areas;

  • Roof junctions
  • Window openings
  • Door openings
  • Junctions of walls with roofs

Forticrete has undertaken air permeability testing on its products and achieved very good results. It should be noted that certain products will always have a secondary finish applied to them e.g. common grey blocks will be plastered/panited, and therefore a block with a high test result may not always mean that it will perform poorly in final construction.